Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Question: When the fire alarm system is deactivated because it is being serviced or altered: Does the delayed-egress lock continue to hold or does the lock fail-safe into unlocked condition?

Answer: This is a very good question and important concern for facilities responsible for patient care, such as Psychiatric Facilities, Hospitals with infant and child protection needs and Long Term Care facilities responsible for the elderly. Prior to your question SDC has not heard of any related problems.

A relay in the fire alarm system requires power to maintain a closed loop between the fire alarm system panel and the locks. The fire alarm causes this circuit to open in an emergency to release all locks. Turning off the fire alarm system power has the same results. Where unlocking of the doors may directly affect tenant safety and security during fire alarm servicing, it is possible to provide a temporary jumper to maintain a closed circuit. However, DOORS WILL NOT UNLOCK DURING A REAL EMERGENCY WHEN THE TEMPORARY CIRCUIT IS IN PLACE.  As SDC staff are not experts in fire alarm servicing, we recommend consulting with fire alarm service contractors and possibly the State Fire Marshal.

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