✪ SDC Products

Digital & Card Access Control System
SDC has a variety of standalone digital keypad and proximity card access control systems equipment to meet virtually any need.
EMLock® Magnetic Lock
The SDC Electromagnetic Lock is Suited For Interior Doors, Perimeter Exit Doors and Entrances that Require Failsafe Emergency Release Capability.

Electric Strikes
An SDC electric strike enables the electrical release of a locked mechanical latch or bolt. Compatible with any access control, SDC electric door strikes are available in a variety of configurations to accommodate several types of mechanical locksets and door and frame styles.

Building and fire life safety code compliant for fire rated office doors, corridor doors, lobby doors, exit doors and stairwell doors.

HiTower®, Selectric® and Electra™ locksets provide both the locking and latching features required for fire rated doors to meet security needs and fire life safety code requirements. Whether failsafe or failsecure, controlled access and remote control capability is provided while the door stays latched even when unlocked, maintaining fire door integrity.

SDC battery powered electronic door locks and keyless entry system provide controlled access for basic and multi-level high security requirements. Priced to compete with entry-level brands, the E70 electronic door locks are with features professionals expect with hardwired systems.

Delayed Egress Lock
Stop Theft, Control Pedestrians in Public Facilities & Airports, Control Wandering Patients, Guard Against Infant AbductionThe Exit Check® electromagnetic delayed egress lock is designed to delay egress through perimeter exit doors for 15 or 30 seconds. Concurrently an alarm sounds while security and personnel are alerted of unauthorized egress. Compatible with access controls and patient wandering systems, SDC Exit Check® Delayed Egress Locks release immediately in an emergency and comply with all national and regional building and fire life safety codes, including NFPA 101, Special Locking Arrangements.

Electric Bolt Locks
Recommended for high security interior door and cabinet applications where electromagnetic locks are not required.The SDC family of electric bolt locks include long life solenoid driven direct throw mortise bolts, Spacesaver® right angle bolts for narrow frames and door stiles and surface mounted bolt locks for door and cabinet applications. Compatible with virtually any access control system, electromechanical bolt locks are available in failsafe and failsecure modes.

Power Controllers
UL Listed filtered and regulated DC power, control logic, component interface, alarm interface and battery back up requirements of single and multiple access controlled openings.Developed specifically to support access controls and electric locking hardware. The circuitry design is ideal for the inductive loads generated by access control hardware for high performance and longevity. The modular design is built around several different control modules to meet the most demanding component interface and control logic requirements.

Egress Bars & Exit Device Switch Kits

For the release of magnetic locks and the activation of delayed egress locks installed on non-latching doors.

Electrified Exit Devices
The new SDC S6000 Spectra™ series panic and fire rated exit devices are available in rim mount, mortise and vertical rod configurations and are UL listed and ANSI A156.3 Grade 1 compliant. The SDC Spectra series exit devices have a modern look and quiet push pad operation and area available in rim mount, mortise and vertical rod configurations. S6000 Spectra™ series exit devices round out SDC’s newest mechanical product lines including the new M7200 and M7800 cylindrical and mortise locks.

Key & Exit Switches
SDC Request-to-Exit Switch series is available in a variety of exit button and push button styles and contact confiqurations to fit several application needs.SDC key switch assemblies provide an economical method of providing authorized control for a variety of applications. A choice of several contact configurations ensures compatibility with virtually any system.

Installed in the center hinge position of the door, PTH Power Transfer Hinges provide the concealed wires required to transfer power from the frame to electric hardware in the door for control and monitoring capability.

Recommended for access systems without computer management capability, SDC Control and Annunciator Consoles provide a means of central supervision and control of single and multiple openings within a facility. Available in several configurations, the TCC and RCC Consoles provide remote lock control, door status and lock status. The modular design permits configuration flexibility to meet the demands of different control and monitoring requirements.

Desk & Wall Stations

The SDC 7000-DG Laser Guided Wire Raceway Drill Fixture enables wire raceway preparation through particle filled and solid wood doors. The door core wire raceway permits the installation and wiring of electrified locksets, exit devices and electric hinges.

Mantrap Systems
SDC specializes in the manufacturing of safety and security access control hardware products and engineering for mantrap system, airlock system and communicating bathroom system needs.